Sharing codes and know-how is what really makes science move fast.

Together with other collaborators, we develop statistical software, mostly in the R programming language, to facilitate the life of other researchers having to perform similar analyses.

crqa: Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
Cross-recurrence quantification analysis of two time-series, of either categorical or continuous values. It provides different methods for profiling cross-recurrence, i.e., only looking at the diagonal recurrent points, as well as more in-depth measures of the whole cross-recurrence plot, e.g., recurrence rate. A link to a tutorial we delivered at the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2015 (download the data). The statistics of download from Rdocumentation.

mousetrack: Mouse-Tracking Measures from Trajectory Data

Extract from two-dimensional x-y coordinates of an arm-reaching trajectory, several dependent measures such as area under the curve, latency to start the movement, x-flips, etc.; which characterise the action-dynamics of the response. Mainly developed to analyse data coming from mouse-tracking experiments.  The statistics of download from Rdocumentation.