Invited Talks

Title: Aging: the role of contextual information for attention and memory.
University of York
Host: Alan Baddeley
– York; UK, February; 2017

Title: Behavioral and neural signatures of stimulus and context expectancy during cross-modal verification.
University of East Anglia
Host: George Malcolm
– Norwich; UK, February; 2017

Title: Top-down Mediation of Attentional and Memory Processes.
Saarland University
Host: Vera Demberg
– Saarbrucken; Germany, June; 2016.

Title: Coordinative Dynamics of Cognitive Mechanisms during Cross-Modal Information
Instituto Superior Tecnico
Host: Jose Santos Victor
– Lisbon; Portugal, February; 2015.

Title: Performance in Communicative Tasks: The Interaction of Feedback and Alignment.
Italian Institute of Technology
Host: Alessandro D’Ausilio
Genova; Italy; December; 2014.

Title: The Role of Interactivity on Cognitive Alignment and Decision Making during Dialogue.
(a) Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences
Host: Miguel Castel Branco
(b) Insituto de Medicina Molecular
Host: Federico Herrera),
(c) Champalimaud Center of Unknown
Host: Rui Costa
(d) MIT, Brain and Cognitive Science
Host: Edward Gibson
-Coimbra, Lisbon, Boston; Portugal, USA; April/June; 2013.

Title: Coordination in the Human Brain.
Cognitive and Brain Unit (CBU-MRC)
Host: Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
– Cambridge; UK; June; 2012

Title: Cross-Modal Mechanisms in Situated Language Processing.
(a) Champalimaud Center of Unknown
Host: Zach Mainen
(b) UCSD
Host: Roger Levy
(c) UCM
Host: Rick Dale
(d) UC Berkeley
Host: Jack Gallant
(e) Stanford
Host: Michael C. Frank
(f) Harvard
Host: Jesse Snedeker
– Lisbon, San Diego, Merced, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Boston; Portugal, USA; March/April, 2012

Scan Pattern Dynamics in Comprehension and Production
Symposium on Scanpath Representation and Comparison.
16th European Conference on Eye Movement (ECEM 2011),
– Marseille; France; August, 2011



Cognitive Neuroscience: Attention
Master Program in Human Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK, 15th March, 2016.

Cognitive Neuroscience: Memory
Master Program in Clinical Psychology, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK, 4th November, 2015.


Cognitive Psychology
PhD Doctoral Program in Cognitive Science, University of Lisbon,
Lisboa, Portugal, 10th March, 2015.


Cognitive Psychology
PhD Doctoral Program in Cognitive Science, University of Lisbon,
Lisboa, Portugal, 25th March, 2014.


Psycholinguistics Methods
PhD Doctoral Program in Cognitive Science, University of Lisbon,
Lisboa, Portugal, 18th April, 2013.

 Data Analysis;
 Formal and Natural Language Processing (Tutor, Marker)


Computational Foundation of Cognitive Science (Tutor);
Human Communication (Tutor);
Cognitive Science (Teaching Assistant)

 Data Analysis (Tutor , Marker);
 Cognitive Science: (Teaching Assistant)


Theories and methods in eye-tracking research (with Dr. Tom Foulsham)
Department of Linguistics, University of Stuttgart,
– Stuttgart, December, 2015.

Quantifying the Dynamics of Interpersonal Interaction: A Primer on Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis using R (with Dr. Rick Dale),
37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society,
– Pasadena, July, 2015.

Eye-tracking in Synchronous Visual and Linguistic Processing,
Department of Informatics, University of Catania,
– Catania, May, 2014.

Cross-Recurrence Quanti cation Analysis (with Dr. Rick Dale),
Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh,
– Edinburgh; May; 2014.

Eye movements and the Study of Human Cognition,
Centre for Molecular and Structural Biomedicine, Universidade de Algarve,
– Algarve; April; 2014.

Language Processing and Eye-tracking,
Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon,
-Lisboa; December; 2013.

Adult Coordination and Cross-Recurrence Analysis,
35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society,
-Berlin, Germany, 24-25th July, 2013.


Architecture and Mechanisms of Language Processing, AMLAP
Applied Psycholinguistics
Behavior Research Method
Cognitive Science
Discourse Processes
IEEE:  Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems
TopiCS in Cognitive Science
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition
Journal of Memory and Language
CogSci Conference 2010/2011/2014/2015/2016
EAP CogSci Conference 2015
ICCM 2013
CMCL workshop for ACL, 2015
Language and Vision track for ACL, 2015
Computational Psycholinguistics track for EMNLP, 2015
Cognitive Modeling and Psycholinguistics for ACL, 2016